Call for Volunteers


Transcript (December 1 2022)
Good evening. 
We are looking for anyone who is native Hawaiian or Deaf to make these update videos for the community. If you are able to sign the message and send it to BIDC within 30 minutes, please let us know. We are doing our best to provide this service, and right now the Big Island interpreting team is the only group willing to do this. 
As the lava flow has slowed, I will only be recording messages when there is new important information to share. If the newest update is the same as the last, I will not make a video. Why? 
This is a volunteer job, and we are doing our best to make videos as soon as possible, as well as working with Civil Defense and the shelters to educate them on interacting with the Deaf community. Please be patient with us, and if you want to volunteer your time in any way, 
please let us know.


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