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Signing Circle on Wednesday, June 3 in Waimea

Dear Signing Circle,  We are meeting Wednesday, June 3, at 1:45 p.m at the Food Court at Parker Ranch Shopping Center in Waimea.  To kick off summer, we are going to play a fun game to learn more ASL signs about places.  Start imagining, "If you could send someone to somewhere fun, where would you send them?"   Members of the Circle will ask you Yes/No questions to see if they can guess the place.  If you don't know the ASL sign for the place, you can always spell it.  Hopefully, someone in the Circle will know the sign(s).      In our last meeting, we were discussing the experience of the Late deaf and others who wrestle with tech aids and devices for hearing.  Please bring any names that you can recommend to those seeking device professionals on the Big Island.  Moreover, if you know anyone in the Deaf community who would like to work as an ASL tutor to help members strengthen their ASL skills, please bring their contact information.      As always, our only