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Signing Circle on Wednesday, September 2 in Waimea

Dear Signing Circle,  We are meeting Wednesday, September 2, at 1:45 p.m -3:00 at the Food Court at Parker Ranch Shopping Center in Waimea.   Did you notice that many kids went back to school recently?  Hard to believe!  In the spirit of “Back to School”,  at Signing Circle, we are going to play a game called “What have you learned lately?”  To prepare for the game, think about your recent activities.  Have you visited a new place?  Tried a new sport? A new hobby?  A new recipe?  A new App?  A new video game?  Learned some new signs?  We will have fun putting on our Sherlock Holmes hats and finding out. "Back to School" As always, our only rule is to try to keep our voices turned off during Signing Circle.  This motivates us to use ASL exclusively during our time together.  We can always use pen and paper, or finger spelling, and a great deal of pantomime when we hit a speed bump.  Funny misunderstandings are always a source of widespread giggles. Anyone intere