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Signing Circle on Wednesday, February 4 in Waimea

Dear Signing Circle, Wow, where did January go?  2015 seems to be speeding along.  It's time for our first Wednesday of the month get together. We are meeting next Wednesday, February 4, at 1:45-3:00 at the Food Court at Parker Ranch Shopping Center in Waimea.  Your assignment, should you accept it, is to bring one question that starts: How do you sign _____________________in ASL?  As a reward for your efforts, we will have fun playing a great game that involves, signing, guessing, and working together to form perfectly matched pairs, triads, and quads.    As always, our only rule is to try to keep our voices turned off during Signing Circle.  This motivates us to use ASL exclusively during our time together.  We can always use pen and paper, or finger spelling, and a great deal of pantomime when we hit a speed bump.  Funny misunderstandings are always a source of widespread giggles. Anyone interested in using ASL, learning ASL, and practicing ASL are all welcome.