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The resurrection day on March 27th in Hilo


Nancy will no longer run the monthly ASL club, Signing Circle in Waimea

Nancy Oppenheim established the Signing Circle in 2012. Signing Circle was a meeting on the first Wednesday of the month, where more than 10 deaf and hearing ASL users from different sides of the Big Island such as Hilo and Kona use American Sign Language. The location of this unique meeting was at the food court of the Parker Ranch Shopping Center. Also, there was camaraderie, jokes and games. The goal of this meeting was to improve ASL skills on different levels. Unfortunately, since January 2016, Nancy can no longer organize or attend the Signing Circle because of her private commitments. Nancy, thank you so much for supporting the deaf and sign language community on the Big Island!

DOH Asking for Volunteer Actors on April 28th in Honolulu

The Big Island's residents with the disability should have experience with natural disasters such as tropical storm Iselle, drought, tsunami and lava flow. It is now the time to support Department of Health (DOH). Read please below and link to website also. 

Resources: Deaf News Hawaii

April Picnic on April 9th in Pahoa

Hosted by Big Island Association of the Deaf