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Limited options education for deaf children

Julian Beymer is deaf 4-year old preschooler. His mother, Grace Beymer from Kailua-Kona is looking for more education options for him.  For more information visit: Visit please :  article on Hawaii Tribune Herald Source: Hawaii Tribune Herald 

Signing Circle on Wednesday, March 4 in Waimea

Dear Signing Circle, We are meeting next Wednesday, March 4, at 1:45-3:00 at the Food Court at Parker Ranch Shopping Center in Waimea.  Warm up your facial expression muscles and your intuition.  We have a fun activity planned to put both to the test.  Also, at last month's meeting Owen and Linda said that they had some games that we could try.  We would love to have you introduce them to the Circle.    Has anyone heard if they are offering any ASL classes or workshops soon?  Will any ASL classes be held at the new community college on the West Side or up in Honoka'a?   As a reward for your efforts, we will have fun playing a great game that involves, signing, guessing, and working together to form perfectly matched pairs, triads, and quads.  As always, our only rule is to try to keep our voices turned off during Signing Circle.  This motivates us to use ASL exclusively during our time together.  We can always use pen and paper, or finger spelling, and a great deal of p