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Summary about a deaf friendly show, The Miracle Worker

On May 7 2017, we visited the Aloha Theater in Kealakekua. This historic building from 1932 is on a busy road, the Mamalahoa Highway. Kealakekua is a former sugar plantation village and is south of Kailua Kona. Everyone thought this theater was in Hilo but it is in Kealakekua. The professional business, Aloha Performing Arts Company, gave the show, The Miracle Worker from May 5th to 21st, 2017. The story of The Miracle Worker is about the young life of a deaf blind woman, Helen Keller in Tuscumbia, Alabama and the impact of her life on her teacher, Annie Sullivan. This entertainment forgot the deaf community on the Big Island so they established a deaf friendly show on Sunday, May 7 2017 at 2:30 pm. They were very happy that we them came for the play. Inside, I saw that they wanted to share the poster of American hand alphabet and another poster about the life of Helen Keller. At the begin of the show, I realized that they knew what deaf visitors need; LIGHT. I enjoyed listening to a…

My experience with open captioning in Movie Theaters

Since January 1, 2016, a new law requires theaters to offer movies with open captioning in the state of Hawaii. OC (Open Captioning) means subtitles on the images of TV and movie theater screens and visible to everyone. The subtitles are often found on the bottom of the screen. Because of this law, we feel part of the movie entertainment world but it is not always perfect. In November 2016, I went to  Auditorium 1 of Regal Cinemas Prince Kuhio 9 in Hilo and found the Open Captioning a bit below the screen so I couldn't follow the complete sentences. I went to the staff of this movie theater for my complaint. For this reason, I got one free movie ticket and went to another Auditorium to see another movie. A few months later, March 2017, I again visited another cinema hall for a new movie and had the problem with OC. I found that this cinema forgot to put OC in this Auditorium so I again got a new movie ticket. A few days later, I went to the cinema and had no problems. My conclusio…

Hurricane Preparedness Guide

The Hurricane season is here so it is important to get the latest news via email.

Here is the website for our Civil Defense Department

I encourage everyone to sign up for the Civil Defense  emergency notification/ alert service and to read the Hurricane Preparedness guide.

Deaf Chat Coffee on August 12

Come on! Join the fun ! When: August 12 2017 Let’s enjoy our Saturday night. Meet people and drink a cup of coffee. Where: Starbucks at Prince Kuhio Plaza Mall, Hilo Time: 6 pm - 9 pm (wrong time on website Deaf Chat Coffee)

Hearing people also welcome! Take your family and friends to this unique event, please! Miss this chat? Don’t worried! Deaf Chat Coffee will find on every 2nd Saturday of each month from 6 pm to 9 pm at Starbucks.
Hosted by J. Needham (

Update Deaf Camping on July 7,8 n 9