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Deaf model, Reiko Yamamoto at the 24th annual Trash Art Show in Hilo

By Thijs van den Berg The Haute Trash Fashion Show was on Saturday, October 20 2012 in the air-conditioned comfort of Moanahoku Hall at ‘Imiloa Astronomy Center in Hilo. The huge success Haute Trash Fashion Show is sponsored by the EHCC. The goal of this full-evening designer competition of more than 30 designer originals and their models and runway show was a fundraiser for the East Hawaii Cultural Center and education about awareness about the importance of reusing and recycling. This show featured competition and prizes in two categories: keiki Designers (18 and younger) and Adult Amateur Designers. One of them was deaf model, Reiko Yamamoto. Her design name was “Rose Red Cocktail Dress”. She has designed her whole clothes. After the trash fashion contest, the crowd cheered for them. Reiko Yamamoto Reiko with Ira Ono, one of founders Trash Art show Designers were judged by four judges. All of the Keiki Designers (18 and younger) were winners. Adult Amateur Desi