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4th Annual Christmas Dinner on December 19 in Kailua Kona

There is 4th Annual Christmas Dinner on December 19 in Kailua Kona ! Interested? Please copy that to your PC, print and post please before November 7 2015 !

Hosted by Paul Tomiyasu, Diamond Head School Alumni

A peer to peer volunteer job as the facilitator for this Full Life ASL social

Hi everyone, there is an ASL social group in Kona that meets once a week to teach the public ASL and socialize.

Full Life in Hilo would like to start a group like that by providing a venue.

It will probably meet in the afternoon on a week day, perhaps 4pm-5:30pm.

It would be 30-45minutes of learning an ASL phrase, then socializing (beverage and snacks).

Questions ? Interested ? Contact please

Mar Ortaleza
Employment Services Coordinator
Accredited Benefits Educator- Work Incentive Planner

Summary of meeting Waimea on 10 October 2015

Rodney Renusch is one of the residents on the Big Island and found out there is still no local deaf association that has an affiliation with NAD. NAD is the National Association Deaf that supports the rights of deaf Americans. Local deaf associations in the Mainland are an affiliation with NAD. NAD helps to build new local associations, but also teaches and provides workshops on what these associations need and visit+ there. California has deaf services such as deaf rights, deaf laws, deaf jobs, and deaf interpreters because of an affiliation with NAD.
The deaf residents of the Big Island want deaf rights, deaf laws, deaf jobs, and deaf interpreters but Renusch realized that some deaf people don’t know about the ADA. We are proud of our beautiful sign language so we need to break the barriers and show our voice to the Big Island community.
Renusch suggested that we establish a local deaf association; Big Island Association Deaf (BIAD). Hearing ASL users are also welcome to join this new …

Deaf Starbucks in Waimea on October 10th


Employers, consider hiring hard of hearing/ deaf employees ? Visit this Forum Please!


Signing Circle on Wednesday, 7 October in Waimea

Dear Signing Circle,

We are meeting Wednesday, October 7, at 1:45 p.m -3:00 at the Food Court at Parker Ranch Shopping Center in Waimea.

As always, our only rule is to try to keep our voices turned off during Signing Circle.  This motivates us to use ASL exclusively during our time together.  We can always use pen and paper, or finger spelling, and a great deal of pantomime when we hit a speed bump.  Funny misunderstandings are always a source of widespread giggles.
Anyone interested in using ASL, learning ASL, and practicing ASL are all welcome.  Some of us are hard of hearing, some are deaf, some are speaking, but we all share a love of ASL and a good sense of humor.

Beginners and experts enjoy the Circle.  It's just a casual opportunity to learn cool new signs, make new friends, and re-connect.

See you next Wednesday!
Hosted by N. Oppenheim

Few visitors from Mainland and other country visit Hilo on October 3rd !

Come on! Join the fun ! 

When: October 3rd 2015

Let's enjoy our Saturday afternoon. Meet visitors and drink a cup of coffee.

Where: Starbucks at Prince Kuhio Plaza Mall, 111 East Puainako Street, Hilo 
Time: 1 pm - whenever

Hearing people also welcome! Take your family and friends to this unique event, please! 

Hosted by H. Sagucio