Big Island Deaf Club Camping on August 3rd and 4th.

Come on ! 
Join the fun ! 
When: August 3 and 4 2019 
Let’s enjoy our summer time. 
Where: Kohanaiki Beach Park 
 Please bring beach toys, beach games, towel, sunscreen and swimsuit. 
Please bring your dishes to share with others at the dinner time of August 3 and 4 2019. 
Hearing and deaf people are welcome to join us for fun talk, games, and whatever during day. 
 If you don't join camping, You are still welcome to come and 
join with us during day time for fun, talk, and whatever. 
Be aware the gate will be closed at 9 pm. Please leave before 9 pm. 

Updated (April 18); There are 61 places left for August 3 and 4 at the Kohanaiki Beach Park nearby Kona Int Airport. It costs $ 5 per night and $ 1 for fee. You can make and pay the reservation on line. The reservation is on the right side of this website. You need to make your first account than you can reserve your places for this beautiful beach park! 

Hosted by Big Island Deaf Club


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