Updated video; looking for a job? Maybe looking for a different job?

Hello everyone, my name is Thijs and I got a tips from my friend about a job. I want to share with you.

Looking for a job? Maybe looking for a different job?

 Two websites that will help you make this change are: Hire Abilities Hawaii (http://www.hireabilitieshawaii.org) and USA Jobs (https://www.usajobs.gov).

 The Hire Abilities Hawaii website (http://www.hireabilitieshawaii.org) is a great place to find employment resources. Here you can search for a career, job training and career assessment. There is also information to help start a business of your own and disabilities services providers. This site has links to three other helpful websites. The Hire Net Hawaii site (www.hirenethawaii.com) is an excellent place to start your search for a job. You can also create your resume, find career information and information on education and training. To get one-on-one help, go to the American Job Center on the Big Island. It is located in Hilo; the address and contact information are given on the website.

 The American Jobs Center site (http://labor.hawaii.gov/wdd/onestop/) is part of the State of Hawaii Workforce Development Division and can be thought of as a “One Stop Career Center”. The Hawaii County office is located in Hilo. Go to this site to obtain the contact information and address.

 The third site is the Hawaii Disability Employment Initiative (http://www.hireabilitieshawaii.org). Some of the services offered include assistance in jobs searches and placement, on the job training opportunities, financial counseling, as well as other ways to help you obtain a new or different job. The site provides the addresses and contact information for the Hilo and Kona offices of the Big Island Workplace Connection.

 The other helpful website is USA Jobs (https://www.usajobs.gov). It is a great place to create your profile and share your resume as you apply for federal government jobs. Your resume will then be available for recruiters who are searching for people with the skills they need to fill jobs in their departments. The site also has special hiring paths for veterans, military spouses, national guard and reserves, students and recent graduates and many more. Another great feature is the site provides a way for you to be notified by email when there are updates to jobs you are interested in.


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