Signing Circle on Wednesday, July 1 in Waimea

Dear Signing Circle,

We are meeting Wednesday, July 1, at 1:45 p.m at the Food Court at Parker Ranch Shopping Center in Waimea.

Happy Summer Time! Last month we were discussing Deaf Expo. In 2016, Deaf Expo will be July 6-8 in Las Vegas at the Paris hotel. Registration is Free! Has anyone gone to Deaf Expo before? Come share your experience at Signing Circle.  

On another subject, some ASL teachers/tutors had a meeting online and shared the following:

1. Students should keep their eyes on the face of the signer because most meaning is conveyed from facial expression.  Learners should watch the hand movements in their peripheral vision.
To develop our ASL facial expressions we can play the Near or Far game and the Yes/No Questions or Wh- Question game

2. Vague or incorrect handshapes and movements need ongoing attention.  Play the Handshape game often.  

3. Students often confuse signs for related concepts such as late/later; yet/already.  Have learners work in pairs or groups to sign sentences with these concepts.  

4.Culturally, Signing Naturally published by Dawn Press, the most popular text used in ASL classes advises, ”If you are speaking with a non-signing person and a Deaf person comes in the room, it’s commendable to serve as a bridge for both people by relaying the information. Don’t try to use your voice and sign at the same time as it compromises both languages, making for poor communication.  So even if it takes a little longer, go ahead and relay the message using one language at a time.  Your efforts will be appreciated."   Is this practical?  Is it true?

As always, our only rule is to try to keep our voices turned off during Signing Circle.  This motivates us to use ASL exclusively during our time together.  We can always use pen and paper, or finger spelling, and a great deal of pantomime when we hit a speed bump.  Funny misunderstandings are always a source of widespread giggles.

Anyone interested in using ASL, learning ASL, and practicing ASL are all welcome.  Some of us are hard of hearing, some are deaf, some are speaking, but we all share a love of ASL and a good sense of humor.  Beginners and experts enjoy the Circle.  It's just a casual opportunity to learn cool new signs, make new friends, and re-connect.  

Hosted by Nancy Oppenheim


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